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Digital Journalism Case Study: Live Blogging a Political Convention

The California Democratic Party held its annual convention in San Diego April 27-29, and I was there blogging, along with hundreds of other traditional and web-based reporters. Here are some observations. < - First, a thought about this picture: No … Continue reading

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The News Business Is Broken in the Digital Age – If You’re an “ee”, Not If You’re an “er”

Via Tim O’Reilly’s blog I come across San Francisco Chronicle publisher Phil Bronstein, predicting layoffs and saying the news business “is broken, and no one knows how to fix it… And if any other paper says they do, they’re lying.” … Continue reading

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When A Pointless Flash Animation Is Just Right

We’re all familiar with pointless Flash animations that serve only as barriers to getting to useful web content. But I recently stumbled across an instructive exampe of a “pointless” Flash animation that works. It’s on the web site of the … Continue reading

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iPod iChing

“Silent Steps”, Nuspirit Helsinki “Boy Meets Goy”, Benny Goodman (featuring Charlie Christian) “Happy”, The Rolling Stones Hear the iMix.

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Digital Politics: An Interview With CivicSpace Founder Zack Rosen

Also on my O’Reilly blog: We may have the seductiveness of the shopping cart to thank for CivicSpace, an enhanced content management system (CMS) that has spawned many of the leading political web sites, starting with that of the … Continue reading

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Strip Away The Production, Reveal The Great Song Within

I’ve been listening to Moments From This Theater: Live, a wonderful album by the great Memphis/Muscle Shoals songwriters Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham. It’s just the two of them, accompanying themselves on acoustic guitar and electric piano, recorded at 1998 … Continue reading

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Digital Politics

From my O’Reilly blog: I’ve been doing more and more work in politics since the ’04 election (communications consulting and web production). I got involved at first out of a sense of civic obligation–and because my wife told me to … Continue reading

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My Tips From An E-Musician Article On Podcasting

Electronic Musican recently ran a comprehensive article on podcasting, written by David Battino. It includes some tips from me. A lot of what has stuck with me about communication over the years I first learned as a freelance writer-broadcaster for … Continue reading

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Are We In A Productivity Crisis?

This post also appears in my O’Reilly blog. In my series on downloads I looked at a couple of scenarios, based on traditional CD sales and iTunes sales, that indicated that the people who make music may end up making … Continue reading

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10 Journalism Tips For Bloggers, Podcasters & Other E-Publishers

Blogs, podcasts & e-newsletters make it easy for anyone to be a journalist. But just as the debut of desktop publishing led to some very ugly documents, these newer tools are spawning some very sloppy journalism, which does no good … Continue reading

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