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300,000 strong for health care reform

The target was 100,000. But volunteers across the country blew past that goal by early afternoon yesterday. New goal: 200,000. The result? More than 300,000 calls in one day! All in support of the health care reform this country needs … Continue reading

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Warmer, Fuzzier – The Refreshed Logo

via A great peek into the thinking that goes into brand identities, and a real indicator of how times have changed: companies used to want to look like authorities, and now they want to look like friends. Posted via … Continue reading

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Google Wave Preview

via Tim O’Reilly: “Jens, Lars, and team re-imagined email and instant-messaging in a connected world, a world in which messages no longer need to be sent from one place to another, but could become a conversation in the cloud. … Continue reading

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Tiny Art Director

via A completely delightful blog: the Tiny Art Director is the artist’s somewhat demanding and temperamental young daughter. And yes, she is indistinguishable from many adult art directors. Posted via web from Spencer’s posterous

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Google Fellowship Applications for PdF 2009 Due Friday 5/8 | techPresident –

via “Are you an entrepreneur or activist with ideas about the next big thing to change government? A non-profit professional trying new technologies with great results? A former campaign staffer still blazing new trails in online politics? Google and … Continue reading

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We Need to Teach Visual Critical Thinking

I was just looking at yet another vacuous presentation graphic, this one purporting to illustrate the SMART test for defining objectives. It looked something like this: This is of course rubbish. Infographics guru Edward Tufte would object strenuously to its … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Software Comedian

Microsoft Songsmith, designed to be a software aide for musical composition, has instead proved to be a great tool for comedy, as early adopters have exploited its bent for generating

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Creativity in a Can

For me, what’s wrong with Songsmith is not that it’s so uncool. It’s what’s wrong (though maybe not so egregiously) with a lot of music technology: the underlying premise that productivity is an absolute good. Continue reading

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Back online after a rebuild

Now that the presidential election is over (and worked out so well!), I’ve been rebuilding this site. Mostly done now…

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The Desert Mothers are on iTunes

Have a listen -and if you like, write a short review! Click to go to our iTunes location (This will launch the iTunes app from your browser, assuming you have iTunes installed.)

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