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Beyond artificial intelligence: artificial compassion

Originally published at O’Reilly Radar: When we talk about artificial intelligence, we often make an unexamined assumption: that intelligence, understood as rational thought, is the same thing as mind. We use metaphors like “the brain’s operating system” or “thinking machines,” … Continue reading

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I Want a Desk Like a Super-Villain’s: Will Intelligent Agents Give Me One?

First published at the Huffington Post, 8/29/13. Every super-villain has a lair. And in every super-villain’s lair, there is a gorgeous companion, a weird sidekick, and… the desk. The sleek, perfectly uncluttered desk, from which our super-villain will rule the … Continue reading

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Literacy now includes not just language, not just media, but code, too.

…as we’re reminded by CodeNow, featured at today: CodeNow focuses on developing the next pioneers in technology by teaching underserved youth foundational skills in computer science and programming with the objective of narrowing the current digital divide. The organization … Continue reading

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Op-Ed: Local think tank forming to take on sustainability

By now it’s clear that the future of the economy is a sustainable one, as global investment trends attest. As the cost of cleaner technologies falls ever lower, sustainability is becoming a question not of limits, but of opportunities.

Imagine, then, the possibilities for a region that combined these assets: world-class academic and defense institutions, excellent infrastructure, a coastal California/Pacific Rim location, some of the most fertile land in the world, a culture of innovation, and a quality of life that attracts talent from all over the planet.

There is such a region: We live in it. Continue reading

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Why TV commercials are so loud

With Rep. Anna Eshoo’s bill to turn down TV ads in the news (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation, or CALM, Act), here again is my explanation of why ads sound so loud when broadcasters claim they hit the same levels as … Continue reading

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Local Government 2.0

Government 2.0 is a big interest of mine – just like at the national level, I think we can make local government more open, participatory and productive by using technology intelligently. Although there’s been talk about this for a while, … Continue reading

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Google Wave Preview

via Tim O’Reilly: “Jens, Lars, and team re-imagined email and instant-messaging in a connected world, a world in which messages no longer need to be sent from one place to another, but could become a conversation in the cloud. … Continue reading

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A List Apart: Articles: In Defense of Eye Candy

via A great post on why attractive design is more useful, by UI consultant Stephen P. Anderson. Emotions are not just the waste heat of cognition, they’re essential to cognition. So attractive products are not just “more fun” to … Continue reading

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The Desert Mothers release “Nowhere Motel”

My new band The Desert Mothers has a new release, “Nowhere Motel”, which I’m really excited about – give it a listen.Dieselbe Farbe 10 und Bube gegen verschiedene Farben Bube und König – Wenn es keine Flush Straf-Karte gibt, dann … Continue reading

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Digital Journalism Case Study: Live Blogging a Political Convention

The California Democratic Party held its annual convention in San Diego April 27-29, and I was there blogging, along with hundreds of other traditional and web-based reporters. Here are some observations. < - First, a thought about this picture: No … Continue reading

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