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Let’s watch Erato’s “Call Your Girlfriend” go viral, in real time

On Facebook today I came across a video shared by a friend whose musical taste I respect, so I gave it a click, and had that wonderful experience of discovering something great and unexpected. It’s three members of a female … Continue reading

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Betty Moon: “I Get High”

What a blast to see this after all this time – I didn’t know Betty ever made a video of it. My brother Owen wrote the song (Betty added new lyrics) and I was the arranger and played guitar on … Continue reading

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More Creativity in a Can: When Thomas Dolby Met the Rhinestone Cowboy

Microsoft Songsmith has been stuck in my mind lately like, well, a bad song (follow that link at your own risk). It’s got me reflecting about the long trend towards using music technology to increase productivity, but not creativity. And … Continue reading

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Duggup reviews The Desert Mothers

A very nice review of “Nowhere Motel” by The Desert Mothers at Australian music site, which has made us their featured artist of the day – excerpt: Today’s track is a ripper, for a whole bunch of reasons. My … Continue reading

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The Desert Mothers release “Nowhere Motel”

My new band The Desert Mothers has a new release, “Nowhere Motel”, which I’m really excited about – give it a listen.Dieselbe Farbe 10 und Bube gegen verschiedene Farben Bube und König – Wenn es keine Flush Straf-Karte gibt, dann … Continue reading

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“Nowhere Motel” by The Desert Mothers

My new musical project is The Desert Mothers, who have just released their first single, Nowhere Motel. Listen to it at, or on the great social music site Amie Street:

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iPod iChing

“Silent Steps”, Nuspirit Helsinki “Boy Meets Goy”, Benny Goodman (featuring Charlie Christian) “Happy”, The Rolling Stones Hear the iMix.

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Strip Away The Production, Reveal The Great Song Within

I’ve been listening to Moments From This Theater: Live, a wonderful album by the great Memphis/Muscle Shoals songwriters Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham. It’s just the two of them, accompanying themselves on acoustic guitar and electric piano, recorded at 1998 … Continue reading

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My Tips From An E-Musician Article On Podcasting

Electronic Musican recently ran a comprehensive article on podcasting, written by David Battino. It includes some tips from me. A lot of what has stuck with me about communication over the years I first learned as a freelance writer-broadcaster for … Continue reading

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Digital Nashville

O’Reilly has published an article of mine on recording an album I produced in Nashville, working with digital audio tools such as Steinberg Nuendo–and great musicians. MP3 examples let you hear tracks in isolation, showing how they come together to … Continue reading

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