The original model for the presidency was George Washington. Now it’s the Mafia.

Portrait of George Washington
Portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart (via Wikimedia Commons)

The most important, and most disturbing message of the Barr hearings and all the back and forth over the Mueller report:

The presidency was designed with George Washington as its model. The model we have now is, “Can you make the rap stick?” In other words, the Mafia.

You might think that’s hyperbole. But our current president enthusiastically agrees with it.

As he’s boasted repeatedly, his mentor — and his model for the the perfect US Attorney General — was the notorious mob lawyer Roy Cohn.

Mug shot of John Gotti
Roy Cohn client John Gotti (via Wikimedia Commons)

Throughout his real estate career, he did business with the New York mafia and then the Russian mafia — without them, he probably had no career. Building on a reported record of financial and tax fraud, stiffing creditors and investors, and six bankruptcies, he specialized in selling overpriced real estate in cash transactions to known Russian gangsters, or to anonymized entities in places like the Cayman Islands. No reputable business person does that. Money launderers do.

As the Mueller investigation and other proceedings have documented and as we see for ourselves in plain sight, Trump cajoles, pays off, or threatens witnesses who might testify against him. Those who do are “rats” who “flip.”

As he’s been telling us, over and over, he’s a mobster.

His cowering co-partisans have convinced themselves that’s the same as a president.

We’re supposed to as well. Will we?

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