Whatever Happened to Sharia Law? And Other Questions for Right Wing Media Fans

(Also published at Huffington Post.) Whatever happened to declaring Sharia law? Obama’s almost done, and it’s really beginning to look like he may not get around to it.

And how is he going to fit in taking our guns away? Jan. 20 will be here before you know it; he’s really gonna have to hustle.

Now that I think of it, where are the death panels? We were guaranteed death panels as part of Obamacare. So far they can’t seem to get organized.

Whatever happened to Sharia law?

And when do we get going on the runaway inflation? It’s been stuck at historically low levels since 2008.

And the soaring unemployment? That hasn’t showed up either — instead we got the longest job creation streak in history, unemployment cut in half, and now wages are rising. Sheesh.

And the New Black Panthers? Two of them showed up outside a polling place in Philadelphia for a few hours in 2008, and that was that. They were supposed to be running the White House with help from the Muslim Brotherhood — what the heck happened there?

Has Common Core made any progress in turning all our kids gay?

When exactly do we get taken over by the UN?

Anyone seen the FEMA concentration camps?

And how come the US Army hasn’t got around to invading Texas? When do we use all those tunnels under Walmarts? Talk about a snafu.

You know, as hard as it is to imagine…

It’s almost like the right wing media was full of it.

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2 Responses to Whatever Happened to Sharia Law? And Other Questions for Right Wing Media Fans

  1. anonomys says:

    uhhhhh. he can not do that the second amendment is supposed to allow us to bear arms. and a militia is the people not a military. oh wait you guys are a bunch of liberals who think that taking away our second amendment rights will do anything but allow to government to take away all our rights. stated in the constitution. even though it has no effect because they could still get guns through other ways.

  2. The claim was that Obama would take away everyone’s guns. He didn’t come close to trying. What he did do was propose common sense reforms, like closing background check loopholes, that were supported by 90% of Americans, including strong majorities of Republicans and NRA members, but opposed by the NRA: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/most-americans-agree-with-obama-that-more-gun-buyers-should-get-background-checks/

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