300,000 strong for health care reform

The target was 100,000. But volunteers across the country blew past that goal by early afternoon yesterday. New goal: 200,000. The result? More than 300,000 calls in one day! All in support of the health care reform this country needs so badly.

And Monterey County Democrats were part of it. When health care reform is achieved, people like these callers will have the quiet, lasting satisfaction of knowing they helped make it happen:

“I think the overwhelming message with yesterdays calling was gratitude. People still want to talk about their health care stories. Many are so grateful that the Democratic Party hasn’t given up this fight. We kept hearing thank you, thank you, we know you are in a battle, so thank you for fighting for me.” – Teri Short

“My story is of the woman who just lost her job and has NO insurance of any kind.This has happened to several of her friends also. We were just about crying at the end of her story. After I told her about the Public Option she was encouraged and hoped Obama would follow through.” – Ed Weinstein

“I was calling people who were registered Democrats, but not known to be supporters of health care reform. Everyone I reached was incredibly happy to hear from me and glad to take action. All were strong supporters of single-payer healthcare, and also very willing to support President Obama’s current reform efforts. They expressed a desire for a healthcare system that is more responsive to the needs of patients and their families rather than to the needs of corporations and shareholders.” – Liz Ward

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