Duggup reviews The Desert Mothers

A very nice review of “Nowhere Motel” by The Desert Mothers at Australian music site duggup.com.au, which has made us their featured artist of the day – excerpt:

Today’s track is a ripper, for a whole bunch of reasons. My favourite one is that if you are interested you get to hear the stages the song went through as it was created as the recording process moves along. (this assumes that like me, you actually are interested in stuff like that). So, if you have ever wondered about how a song is created? Then today is your day because…

1. Spencer Critchley (the driving force behind The Desert Mothers) has documented the whole process from audio sketch to the finished product above complete with MP3 excerpts from the recording along the way.
2. “Nowhere Motel” is a great song (which is a really good thing).

Read the whole review…

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