Digital Journalism Case Study: Live Blogging a Political Convention

Barack ObamaThe California Democratic Party held its annual convention in San Diego April 27-29, and I was there blogging, along with hundreds of other traditional and web-based reporters. Here are some observations.

< - First, a thought about this picture: No matter how much technology finds its way into campaigns and campaign coverage, politics is ultimately about touch. This shot is from a rally of Barack Obama supporters just before Obama went into the main hall to address the 2,000-plus attendees. Notice the hand wrapped around Obama's wrist, and the other one hovering over his head. Also: the fists in the foreground, expressing solidarity, and the echo of the fist in the background, holding up a cell phone camera. And meanwhile a big bodyguard tries to make sure all these attempts to connect with the candidate don't get out of hand. More on my O’Reilly Digital Media blog…

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