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Putin Wins Simply by Showing That a Clown Can Be Elected President of the United States

(Also published at Huffington Post.) Is our next president a Russian agent? Because of Donald Trump’s relentless shilling for Vladimir Putin, that once unthinkable question is being asked seriously by major news outlets. To at least some degree, the answer, … Continue reading

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The 2 Reasons This Is the 1 Time We Needed the Electoral College

(Also published at Huffington Post.) I could hardly have been more shocked and disappointed that Donald Trump won the election. But I strongly opposed the idea of the Electoral College overturning the results. Certainly Trump seemed to fail the fundamental … Continue reading

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Should Real News Be a Utility, Like Water and Electricity?

(Also published at Huffington Post.) Like people in towns across America, I’m watching my local newspapers die. Every few months, it seems, they lay off more staff, while announcing a new digital initiative that’s somehow supposed to make up for … Continue reading

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