A Year of Trump: Awful at the Start, Worse Now

Donald Trump photo by Gage Skidmore via voter.com, Creative Commons licenseThe other day I realized that I’m coming up on a year of writing about Donald Trump:

His ignorance, racism, his narcissism, and — perhaps explaining it all — his disturbingly baby-like mouth.

Here’s the collection (so far) at the Huffington Post:

Here’s How Wrong Trump Is: Immigrants Commit Less Crime

Trump Has Exposed GOP Racism

Scarborough: A ‘Generational Opportunity’ to Reform the GOP by Fighting Trump

The Real Reason Fox News Is Going After Trump
Aug 10, 2015

If Trump’s as Smart as He Says, He’ll Withdraw Now — Here’s Why

Bigots Aren’t Ashamed of Being Bigots, But Why Aren’t They Ashamed of Being Cowards?12/9/2015

Who Says Trump Is Smart?

Suicide Mission: In Embracing Trump, the GOP May Finally Stop Him — And Destroy Itself

The Sweet Smell of Trump

Baby Donald Just Needs His Bottle

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